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Electric mowers require significantly less maintenance in comparison with gas mowers.

Making the Switch to an Electric Lawn Mower

May 10, 2020// Emery Wilkins
Lawn mowing in the spring plays a vital role in creating a healthy and productive growing season.

Mowing Your Lawn In Spring

April 11, 2020// Joe Wilkins III
The surface temperature of an artificial turf field is 170 degrees on sunny Colorado day.

Debunking Myths Around Artificial Turf

March 28, 2020// Emery Wilkins
Green Valley Turf Co. is open for business.

An update on COVID-19 from Green Valley Turf Co.

March 23, 2020// Joe Wilkins III
A Firefly automated sod harvest cuts sod in the winter snow in Platteville, Colorado in January, 2020.

Sodding In The Winter

February 28, 2020// Emery Wilkins
Rain gauges are the best way to test your sprinkler system.

The Cup Test

May 7, 2019// Emery Wilkins
Lawns help combat the heat island effect and helps keep your home cooler in the summer.

5 Reasons Lawns are Beneficial For the Environment

April 19, 2019// Emery Wilkins
Aeration is an important part of spring lawn maintenance because it opens up the soil and reduces thatch.

Four Steps to Success With Your Spring Lawn

April 10, 2019// Emery Wilkins
A dew drop on a blade of Kentucky Bluegrass in Colorado.

Different Grasses for Colorado Lawns

April 13, 2018// Joe Wilkins III
MP rotator sprinkler nozzles are 30% increased efficiency over sprays nozzles.

Smart Irrigation

July 22, 2016// Emery Wilkins
Keep your lawn mowed down during cool, wet spring weather.

Wet Spring Lawn Care

May 22, 2015// Emery Wilkins
A manhole cover in a lawn will provide heat during the winter and dry out the grass.

Heat Sinks and Your Lawn

March 14, 2015// Emery Wilkins
Soak and spray lawn watering is effective because it lets water filter into your lawn.

Soak & Spray Lawn Watering

August 27, 2014// Emery Wilkins
Brown spots in new sod is very common due to lack of water.

Brown Spots in New Sod

July 14, 2014// Emery Wilkins
Rabbit damage can create big problems for yards.

Rabbit Damage in Your Lawn

June 5, 2014// Emery Wilkins
Legacy is a second generation turf-type buffalograss that forms a moderately dense stand of turf.

Legacy® Buffalograss Sod

May 30, 2014// Bruce Scott
RTF® Water Saver sod is a self-repairing rhizomatous tall fescue that has a deep root system for increased water savings.

RTF® Water Saver Sod

March 14, 2014// Bruce Scott
SPF30 is a hybridized bluegrass that combines the turf quality characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass and the drought tolerance of Texas bluegrass.

SPF30 Texas Hybrid Sod

February 16, 2014// Bruce Scott