Sod Pick-up

Fresh Cut Sod Available Daily

We welcome all customers and sell sod to everyone from homeowners, landscapers, golf, and sports professionals. Pick up sod from our Littleton office or our Platteville, Colorado farm. We have Colorado Blue™ sod in stock daily for drop-in pickup. Sod is harvested around the clock daily and stored in climate-controlled shade houses to ensure you get the freshest sod possible.

We Sell Any Amount of Sod Picked Up

From one piece to several pallets, we sell any amount of sod picked up. Stop by and purchase as much or as little sod as you need for your lawn project. Our goal is to always have fresh sod in stock. Feel free and call before you come and check our inventory. Rain and snow can prevent us from harvesting sod if it is too wet or frozen.

We Do the Sod Loading!

We load all sod picked up at our Littleton and Platteville locations for you. Plus, we use forklifts to load pallets of sod into your truck or trailer and hand load cars. If you need to make several trips, no problem. Purchase the sod all at once and we will mark off your receipt as you pick it up.


Our Sod Slabs are Lighter than Sod Rolls

We call our sod pieces “Slabs” because we stack sod flat on a pallet. Our sod is 21” x 41” which makes a 6 square foot piece of sod. Slabs weigh less than sod rolls. Our sod weighs 30 lbs. to 35 lbs… We stack 70 slabs on a pallet which is 420 square feet per pallet. Slabs are easier to carry and install than rolls!

Special Orders Pick Up

Call 24 to 48 hours ahead of time to pick up our special order sods: RTF® Water Saver® Sod & Tahoma 31® Bermudagrass. RTF® Water Saver® is available year-round. Tahoma 31® Bermudagrass is available from May to August.

* All special orders are prepaid & nonrefundable
* 1 to 2 day lead time for special order sods

The size of a slab of sod is 21" x 41" and 70 come on a pallet
How much sod will fit in your car or truck?