RTF® Water Saver® Sod Tall Fescue

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Up to 30% Water Savings, Shade to Full Sun


RTF® Water Saver is a patented self-repairing rhizomatous tall fescue that has a deep root system for increased water savings.




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RTF® Water Saver Sod is a patented self-repairing rhizomatous tall fescue that grows a deep root system for increased water savings. Unlike traditional tall fescues that become patchy, RTF® creates a dense, uniform turf.  Excellent heat and drought tolerance with less irrigation, RTF® can go longer between watering. This hardy medium texture blend is resis-tant to dog urine and fills in bare spots.

Full Sun to Shade

Increased Water Savings

A New Mexico State University trial showed RTF® maintained high turf quality with 30% less water. Go longer between waterings.

Strong, Deep Root System

Excellent heat and drought tolerance with less irrigation. Extensive root system draws moisture from deeper in the soil profile.

Produces a Thick Even Lawn

RTF® stays thick and does not form clumps like most tall fescues. A dark green medium textured grass.

A Better Tall Fescue

RTF® is a self-repairing turf that fills in damaged areas. This low thatch producing grass is resistant to Necrotic Ring Spot  and excels in the shade. We are the exclusive licensed RTF® sod grower for the Denver, metro area and the following counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson and Weld county. The RTF® Certificate ensures that you are receiving true RTF® Water Saver sod.



Home lawns, pets & kids, streetscapes, parks, commericial properties, golf bunkers, rough, naturalized no mow areas

Sod Blend

95% Rhizomatous Tall Fescue varieties, 5% KBG


Medium hardy blade, deep green color

Mowing Height

2″ to 5″, or no mow and RTF® will only grow to 12″ in height


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