Tahoma 31 Klay's Front Yard

Hey, my name is Klay. I’ve got the Tahoma 31 Bermuda grass in my front yard in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This is our second season with it in the front yard. The big perks I’ve noticed is about cutting your water bill in half. You only water once every four days, and you’re able to keep it green whenever else’s lawn is stressed in the heat of the summer. I have been mowing it a half inch and still only watering it once every four days and keeping it this green. It’s been excellent grass so, and it seems like a great way to combat water restrictions of the future.

Tahoma 31 Steve's Front Yard

I’ve been a golf course superintendent for 15 years, and I’ve always been looking for the perfect lawn for my house and have been unable to do it until now. Green Valley Turf has been growing Tacoma 31 at their Littleton location for a couple of years, and I’ve been really excited, and following that. And after a couple of years of overwintering, I felt like I really wanted to try this at home. What we found after an early August installation is that we’ve saved about 80% on our water bill. It grows really slow so since that time, I’ve mowed our yard three times. As far as sustainability goes, Tahoma is absolutely the way to go. You’re going to save money in water, and you’re going to save time and money in maintenance. I think that this is absolutely the lawn of the future.

Tahoma 31 Kendra's Lawn

Hi, I’m Kendra, a homeowner here in Colorado. When we decided to move back to Colorado, we were very concerned about the water situation and wanted to ensure that we were doing our part with water conservation. So we put in this Tahoma 31 grass from Green Valley Turf. We’ve been very happy with it. Our water bill is just a fraction of what our neighbors pay. We water twice a week, 5 minutes at a time. I put more water on my drought-resistant garden than we do on the grass. But the best thing about it is the grass itself. It is very cushy, like a cushy carpet. We love it, and I would highly recommend this grass.