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Low-Maintenance Flowers & Plants

The presence of low-maintenance flowers and plants completes a landscape driven by lush green lawns. Property owners and groundskeepers don’t necessarily have to invest valuable time and energy when deploying perennial flowering plants along the cusp of thick, lush grass. If you would like to create eye-catching contrasts with low-maintenance flowers and plants, these are four worth considering.

1: Echinacea

Commonly referred to as the “Purple Coneflower,” Echinacea ranks among the low-maintenance flowers that bloom the longest. This hardy perennial succeeds in zones 4–8, and its iconic blooms typically last from mid-June through September. In terms of being a low-maintenance flower, Echinacea can easily handle droughts and bounce back with light watering.

2: Russian Sage

Russian sage became popular in the 1990s. Its small blueish flowers last 10 weeks and cover stems that can reach 4 feet once mature. Considered highly drought resistant, Russian sage can be a tall, low-maintenance flowering plant that also serves as a backdrop to a deep green lawn.

3: Black-Eyed Susan

The Black-eyed Susan proves itself to be more than just a low-maintenance flower with beautiful golden petals set against a dark center. These plants thrive and spread with little help, covering swaths on the cusp of lawns. Some varieties begin flowering in late spring and rebloom through September. At 2 feet tall, densely knit Black-eyed Susans handle full sun or partial shade.

4: Hosta

Although Hosta doesn’t necessarily produce fetching blooms, it remains a mainstay low-maintenance plant that can complete shady areas. With wide-reaching varieties to choose from, Hostas can reach 4 feet in height and blanket full-shade spaces. Leaf colors include blue, green, and intricate yellow, green, and off-white patterns. If you want to fill a vacancy in a relatively sunless area, Hosta is a low-maintenance darling.