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When Is the Best Time of Year to Install Sod?

If you want to create a beautiful, enduring, and stylish landscape, you need to have the best sod; however, you should also think carefully about when you’re going to lay it. Even though sod lays nicely throughout the year, the best time for laying sod is early in the fall or in the middle of summer.

Even though you can lay sod in the spring, grass continues growing well in the fall despite the cooler weather. Depending on your climate, the best time will vary slightly; however, fall is probably the most optimal.

Why Is Fall the Best Time?

There are several reasons why fall is the best time of year to plant your sod. Temperatures have cooled down from their peak in the summer. Sod grows better when not exposed to extreme heat indices. Additionally, you get more precipitation during the fall. It’ll take a long time to reach minimum temperatures in the winter, so there’s plenty of time for your sod to root. Then, your sod will go dormant during the winter, allowing it to be full and healthy in the spring. Make sure you maintain a regular watering schedule to keep your sod moist. That way, it can support whatever you plant in it.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Sod?

Overall, you should target cooler temperatures in the autumn to lay your sod. This provides your sod plenty of time to germinate fully while also exposing your landscape to great precipitation, providing your plants with the needed nutrition to grow appropriately. If you want to get the most out of your sod, you should reach out to trained professionals who can provide you with the best materials and help lay your sod accordingly.

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