Landscape Mulches

Bulk Landscape Mulch Picked Up

We stock Red Cedar Mulch, Mini Pebble Bark Mulch, and Walnut Metro Mulch at our Littleton location. Bulk mulches are sold by the cubic yard and are loaded into your truck or trailer with a tractor. These products may also be hand loaded into a car or plastic bag with a shovel. Define the border of your lawn and keep water away from your house foundation by installing landscape fabric, lawn edging, and landscape mulch.

Bulk Mulch Delivery

We deliver our three bulk mulches Monday through Saturday during the landscape season. Delivery charges vary by location. Please see the delivery zone information at the bottom of this page or call for a quote to your specific location. Our trucks can deliver 10 cubic yards of mulch per load. We need a 10’ wide opening to get our dump trucks in and a 20’ overhead to dump. All of the soil and compost deliveries originate from our Littleton, Colorado location. Feel free to drop by our Littleton location and see our mulches.

Differences in Landscape Mulches

The differences in landscape mulches are based on what type of wood is used, what part of the tree is used, color, texture, and how the wood is processed.

Red Cedar Mulch or sometimes referred to as “Gorilla Hair” and “Cascade Mulch” comes from the northwest and is a fibrous fine-textured mulch that is shredded red cedar bark. In addition, Red Cedar Mulch looks great and stays in place on slopes because its fibers naturally lock it together. Red Cedar Mulch smells great, is a natural insect repellent, and has a beautiful, rich color.

Mini Pebble Mulch is a forest byproduct of fir tree bark mulch averaging 3/8″ to 1/2” in size. Its dark brownish-red color has a fine, round texture and works well for pathways and accenting planted areas. Once established, the fine pieces settle at the bottom leaving bigger pieces on top, which helps prevent weeds.

Walnut Metro Mulch is a byproduct of shredded trees and limbs from the Denver metro area. This recycled tree material is stained with a natural clay-based environmentally safe pigment for consistent brown color. It has a woody shredded texture of pieces that are 2” to 3”.