Tahoma 31™ Sod Bermudagrass

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50% to 75% water savings, less mowing and high traffic

Tahoma 31™ is a new cold-tolerant bermudagrass that uses 50% to 75% less water compared to cool-season grasses. Learn more here.

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May to mid September


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Tahoma 31™ is a new cold-tolerant bermudagrass that uses 50% to 75% less water compared to cool-season grasses. We have tested this low-growing grass for four years and love it due to its soft, dense surface, wear tolerance, and color. This new grass loves traffic, requires a lot less mowing, and can handle open shade. Tahoma 31™ thrives in the heat of the summer, resists dog urine, and fills in bare spots quickly. Enjoy a beautiful lush low maintenance lawn and help save water. Green mid April to October.

Full Sun to Open Shade

Save Water

Tahoma 31™ can reduce your lawn watering up to 75% and thrives on only 1/2 inch of water per week during the summer heat.

Crushes the Cold

A new cold tolerant Bermudagrass that greens up in April and goes dormant in October. Great for small lawns!

Less Mowing

With a horizontal growth habit, mow Tahoma 31™ every week or two for a normal lawn. For a manicured lawn, mow every five to seven days at on 1″ to 1.5″. For a natural look, mow once in the spring and let it go. Tahoma 31™only grows to 4″.

Soft Dense Thick Grass

Tahoma 31™ is dark green in color and has soft, fine, narrow blades. This dense grass handles high traffic, dog and kids and will self repair quickly in the heat of the summer.



Lawns, streetscapes, sports fields

Sod Blend

100% Certified Tahoma 31™ plant material


Fine and soft blades, green color

Mowing Height

1/2″ to 4″


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