Colorado Blue™ Sod Bluegrass

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Our Most Popular Sod, Fine Turf Quality

Colorado Blue™ is a drought tolerant blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses that is a dense, fine textured turf designed for high traffic lawns and sports.

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Colorado Blue™ is a drought-tolerant blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses. This dense, fine-textured grass is blended for Colorado. Ideal for backyard play, high traffic areas, and sports fields, this blend withstands punish-ment and recovers quickly. Colorado Blue™ can be mowed low for golf course fairways or standard height for a traditional lawn. This blend is the best sod for high-altitude, foot-hills, and mountain regions. Great year-round color and density makes this our most popular turf.

Full Sun to Light Shade


Heat & Drought Tolerance

The varieties in this blend are selected for our dry climate and are very heat and drought tolerant and recover quickly.


High Traffic Grass

This blend has the ability to withstand high traffic punishment in back yards, parks, and sports fields and is a semi-aggressive bluegrass blend.


Great Color, Disease Resistant

Resistance to Necrotic Ring Spot, Leaf Spot/Melting Out, Snow Mold and Brown Patch distinguishes it from other blends.



All varieties place in the top 25% of the NTEP’s and are superior performers. Varieties selected for performance and individual strengths.



Home lawns, pets & kids, sports fields, parks, streetscapes, commercial properties, golf courses


Sod Blend

Kentucky bluegrass varieties, Hampton, Fullback, Noble, Bewitched



Fine leaf blade, dark green color


Mowing Height

1/2″ to 4″


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