Our Guarantee

We guarantee our Sod to be mature, healthy, and weed-free, and it will grow and thrive, provided it’s properly maintained. New sod needs to be watered heavily for the first two weeks. After that, regularly for three weeks, not allowing it to dry out during that time. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our sod or our services, we will do what it takes to satisfy you and resolve any problems.

Note: Weed seeds and undesirable grass seeds are always present in the soil laying dormant for years.  Green Valley Turf Co. cannot be responsible for weeds that occur on your lawn after two months. Green Valley Turf Co. is not responsible for any settling, which may take place around foundations or over utility lines or other fill.


Because sod is very perishable, call the day before your delivery in the afternoon for your delivery time window. Because our goal is to deliver you the freshest, highest quality sod, we work with you when setting up your delivery to get it to you at a convenient time. Weather is another factor that can affect delivery times or keep us from harvesting. In the event of a “rain out,” we work with you and reschedule. Traffic in the Denver Metro area is the final factor in delivering fresh sod, and because of it, we cannot guarantee delivery times.


Sod that is not installed within 24 hours of pick up or delivery can not be guaranteed. Sod needs to be installed and watered as soon as possible! In most cases, sod needs to be installed the same day you pick it up or received it via delivery.

Perishable lay within 24 hours