Landscape Architects and Sod Specs

Sod Specs

Here is a compilation of our sod and turfgrass specification sheets. If you have other questions, please contact Joe or Bruce, and we can assist you in selecting and specifying the best sod/turfgrass for your project. Thanks, Green Valley Turf Co.

Landscape Sod

Kentucky Bluegrass – Colorado Blue™ Sod

90/10 Tall Fescue/Bluegrass – RTF® Water Save Sod

Bermudagrass – Tahoma 31™ Sod

Sports Field Sod

100% Sand Based Sports Turf – HD Sports 2.0 100% Sand
70% Native Sand Sports Turf – HD Sports 2.0 Native Soil

Golf Course Sod

Fairway height bluegrass – Short Cut Blue
Creeping Bentgrass – T-1 Sod
Creeping Bentgrass – Dominant X-treme 7 Sod