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What is HD Sports 2.0

HD Sports 2.0, the new standard

HD Sports 2.0 is plastic-grown sod (PGS), Lay and Play = 1.5” thick, giving you a bullet-proof playing surface immediately after installation. PGS has a tight root mass that reinforces the sod and locks together the 100% sand-based root zone. HD Sports 2.0 PGS won’t fall apart during harvest, handling, and installation and won’t fall apart during play. Plus, HD Sports 2.0 won’t fall apart period.

HD Sports 2.0 Parking Lot

HD Sports 2.0 sod Lacrosse parking lot.

We sodded our parking lot with HD Sports 2.0 to see how it would hold up to a lacrosse goalie. HD Sports 2.0 is peeled off the plastic instead of cut with a reciprocating blade, it retains its strength and harvest is far less stressful to the plant. Total root harvest maintains moisture in the root zone resulting in less transplant and installation shock,  and longer shelf life. Encapsulated with roots, HD Sports 2.0 has perfectly square edges giving you tighter seams. By not cutting the sod’s root system during harvest, the plant keeps all of the carbohydrate reserves stored in its root system accelerating rooting after installation.

Instant Golf Tee HD Sports 2.0

HD Sports 2.0 sodded instant golf tee.

Extremely wear and traffic tolerant, HD Sports recovers rapidly from hard play. This expertly blended turf includes the variety Hampton, or “The Root Monster”, which gives it an extremely fibrous root system for heavy-duty strength. This blend has superior genetics, giving it a remarkable advantage over turf diseases like summer patches. HD Sports 2.0 holds its dark color all year long with early spring green-up and extended fall color, excelling in both sun and shade. HD Sports blend uses superior varieties of heavy-duty Kentucky bluegrass, creating a synergy that outperforms other blends on cleated sports fields. Plastic-grown sod (PGS) gives you a bullet-proof playing surface immediately after installation.