Red Cedar Mulch

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Our Red Cedar Mulch is made from shredded red cedar wood and bark that has a beautiful reddish gold tone. Red Cedar Mulch is a premium mulch that offers resilient beauty, a lovely cedar aroma, and long lasting durability.

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$86.00 per cubic yard



Red Cedar Mulch is made from shredded red cedar wood and bark that forms a cedar blanket in beds and gardens. The attractive reddish gold color is 100% natural and offers long lasting beauty. The fibrous nature of the mulch allows it to resist movement from wind and rain and helps it stay in place. Red Cedar Mulch can conserve water when placed around shrubs, plants, and flowers by reducing evaporation. Using landscape fabric under this mulch can prevent more weeds from growing by acting as a barrier. Mulches tend to generate less heat than rock, which helps keep areas cooler and reduces the black top effect in yards and gardens.


Red Cedar is not only beautiful with a pleasant cedar aroma, but durable and water efficient, truly enhancing any bed or garden, making it a Green Valley Turf favorite for planting and landscaping beds!


100% Red Cedar wood & bark


Sold in bulk by the cubic yard

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