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What to Put Down Before Laying Sod: Steps, Tips, & Expert Advice

Everybody likes a lush lawn, especially when Springtime hits and we start heading out to enjoy our outdoor spaces more. But if your lawn has reached the point where it only grows back in spotty patches, it might be time to start over. Laying down new sod might be your best option.

Laying new sod is fast, and will give you beautiful, thick grass in no time. Here, we’ll cover the basics of sod, how to prep your lawn, and lay sod properly.

How to Prep Your Lawn for New Sod

Sod is a layer of healthy and well-established grass. It is planted by an expert sod supplier under ideal conditions. After the grass is strong, thick, and hearty, it is dug up in strips with a robust soil layer still attached. The soil layer supports the grass during transport and helps it survive the shock of being moved. The best sod suppliers dig up and deliver new sod on the same day.

Before your sod installation, there are a few things you should do to ensure that beautiful, new grass remains strong and healthy.

Remove Old Grass

The topsoil where your old grass has been is likely to be depleted of nutrients, and/or contaminated. Using a sod cutter, remove about one inch of the old soil, leaving behind a level and fresh bed for your new sod.

Prep the Soil

Then, using a garden rake, aerate and level the exposed soil. The soil should be loose so that the new sod will be able to extend its roots easily. Adding a layer of prepackaged lawn soil will ensure your new grass has the nutrients it needs for a strong start. Do not lay new sod on old turf. This will prevent the new sod from becoming established and will kill both the old grass and the new sod.

Sod Installation

After your new sod has arrived, dampen the exposed soil gently and rake away any footprints you may have left behind. Begin by unrolling the first roll of sod along the longest edge in your lawn area. Be sure it makes full contact with the soil beneath it as you lay it out, using a rake to smooth out the soil as you go. Working with at least one other person will make this much easier.

Continue in this way, rolling out the strips in a brick-like pattern, staggering the edges and leaving no gaps. Do not overlap the edges. Rather, take care to ensure there are no gaps between the strips. If your lawn area is sloped, laying the strips horizontally will aid water retention. Once your strips are in place, neaten the edges. You may trim away any excess and use it to help fill in any stubborn gaps.

How to Take Care of New Sod

Be sure to water your newly laid sod at least two times each day and fertilize it with “turf builder,” “starter,” and/or “Food for New Grass.” Shaded spots will benefit from extra seed. After two to six weeks, the new sod should be established. You can then water thoroughly once a day, soaking the soil each time.

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The Lead Time on Materials from Your Sod Supplier

Several components go into sports turf, and your installers must have all of them before they can lay down your sod and turf. Different types of fields require varying materials and grass. Some materials are easier to acquire than others. A professional supplier can identify the best materials needed for each type of field depending on your usage, needs, and location. The Denver Broncos, for instance, would require turf that withstands heavy traffic during football games and practices.

The Size of the Sports Field in Denver, Colorado

Furthermore, the size of the sports field also impacts the turf installation process. For example, if you're installing turf for a football or soccer field, this will take much longer than placing turf in the outfield of a baseball or softball field. A professional team can measure the field's dimensions and provide estimates on installation time. Additionally, the more people you hire, the faster your project will finish.

Rely on a Sod Supplier in Denver To Help You with Your Sports Turf

Because so many factors dictate how long it takes to install turf, you should rely on professionals who can guide the way. By working alongside sod specialists, you will have experts who can walk you through the process and ensure you have the best turf for your athletics team in Denver. Rely on professional sports turf installation and landscaping services from GVT for your athletic complex, lawn, or farms today!

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Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

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