RTF® Water Saver Certificate

Green Valley Turf Co. is the only licensed RTF® sod grower for the Denver, metro area. The RTF® Certificate insures that you are receiving true RTF® Water Saver Sod.

Be sure you get the genuine RTF® Sod. The RTF® Turf Producers Association has implemented a strict quality control program that allows its members to issue the RTF® Sod Certificate if all requirements are complied with. Only licensed sod growers have access to the RTF® seed that produces the RTF® Sod, “the only sod you’ll ever need”. Therefore ask for the RTF® Sod Certificate when buying RTF® Sod. (You will receive an RTF® Sod Certificate with your invoice if you buy directly from the RTF® Sod grower. If you buy RTF® Sod through a retailer, ask them for a copy of the certificate that was issued to them).

The RTF® Sod producers file their planted sod acres with the RTF® Turf Producers Association, who keeps track of the RTF® seed shipped to and acres planted for RTF® Sod, by its members. When RTF® sod is sold, the sod producer files this with the RTF® Sod Producers Association, who then releases the RTF® Sod Certificate to be printed for the quantity sold. It is impossible for RTF® Sod growers to issue more certificates than they have RTF® sod produced, the Association simply will not release the certificate. This Certification system operates through an Internet connection and allows you to verify the certificate you have received.

You can verify your certificate in 2 steps:

  1. The RTF® Sod Certificate number is pre-printed on the Certificate and again printed on the Certificate by the database as the certificate is issued. The printed certificate number and the pre-printed number should always match. Go to www.rtfsod.com/certificates.php
  2. Click on Sod Certificate Verification. Here, you can enter your certificate number and the verification number as it appears on the certificate and the database will respond: If the data matches the certificate, you will receive that confirmation and can be assured that you have received genuine RTF® Sod. If the data does not match, you will be asked to send the information about the apparently false RTF® Certificate to the RTF® Turf Producers Association, through the then provided e-mail link. The RTF® Turf Producers Association will follow up on all such reports of possible fraudulent activity.