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Making the Switch to an Electric Lawn Mower

Electric mowers require significantly less maintenance in comparison with gas mowers.

With the onset of spring, many of us have been pulling out our lawnmowers and beginning to get them prepped for the mowing season. Traditional gas mowers require routine maintenance, from changing spark plugs and oil to regular trips to the gas station before you can begin mowing. There’s a new solution that requires significantly less maintenance, is quieter, more eco-friendly, and significantly cheaper over time. Electric cordless lawnmowers come in a plethora of styles and cover a wide range of needs making them accessible to almost anyone. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, now is the time.

Electric Lawn Mowers are Essentially Maintenance Free

Electric mowers require significantly less maintenance in comparison with gas mowers. Gas mowers need spark plugs, oil changes, fresh gas, and a pull start that can be tricky to get going. Mowing your yard can go from being a quick endeavor to a day’s project. Electric mowers, in comparison, are much easier to operate. Cordless mowers require a charge before you can get going, and depending on the size of your lawn and the battery, may require more than one charge to complete the job. Corded mowers, however, don’t need a charge — just plug and go! Both electric and gas mowers require the blades to be sharpened once or twice a season so that they don’t harm your grass as you’re mowing.

Electric cordless lawn mowers are easy to store.

Easier operation

Gone are the days of fighting with your mower to get it to turn on. Electric mowers turn on with a button, making them much more manageable than gas mowers with their pull-cord starts. Many electric mowers come equipped with rear-wheel drive making it easier to maneuver your lawn as you mow. Electric mowers are also significantly lighter than gas mowers, which can eliminate the stress and strain that come from pushing a heavy mower around your lawn.

Easier storage and cleaning

Traditional mowers can be bulky, taking up lots of room in your garage, especially with all the equipment required to maintain them. We love electric mowers because they fold up in their charging docks and take up significantly less room. They are also easier to clean. All they require is sharpening the blade, removing caked-on debris, and a quick vacuum around the motor. This can be done once a year at the beginning of the mowing season.

Electric Lawn Mowers are significantly quieter.

Nothing is more disruptive to a peaceful morning or evening than the roar of a mower. Gas mowers can be quite disturbing, especially in the summer when it’s much better to mow in the morning or late evening to beat the heat. Another huge perk to electric mowers is that they are virtually silent. By eradicating the need for an engine, electric mowers cut way down on the sound they produce. This means mowing on a Sunday morning is no longer a nuisance to your neighbors! It’s also a big perk for golf courses or parks because it doesn’t disrupt the quiet serenity of the setting.

Electric Lawn Mowers are more Cost-Effective.

Corded electric lawn mowers are the most inexpensive choice and cost less than a gas mower would upfront. Cordless mowers can be a bit more expensive but are significantly cheaper over time. As we discussed earlier, gas mowers require gas, oil, and repairs from time to time. Over the lifetime of the mower, that can add up. Electric mowers save hundreds of dollars over their lifetime in comparison to gas mowers.

Electric Lawn Mowers are better for the environment!

Going electric is better for the environment, plain and simple. While lawns can be criticized for not being eco-friendly, a big part of that critique often points to the maintenance they require — specifically the gas intake and emissions from mowing. While we’ve debunked this idea that grass is bad for the environment, read more, switching to an electric mower is a huge part of making lawns greener! Anything we can do to reduce our emissions is significant for the earth. In many areas, you also have the option to source your electricity from a more sustainable option. If you haven’t yet, call your electricity provider and ask about using renewable energy to power your home.

While gas mowers do have some advantages, like being a bit more durable and being able to go for much longer than a cordless mower, electric mowers are great for the homeowner. They have plenty of power to keep your yard in tip-top shape. They are much easier to operate and maintain, save you money, and are much better for the environment. There’s never been a better time to switch to an electric mower!

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