Planters Mix

Planters Mix is a blended soil containing 33% compost and 66% topsoil. Planters Mix is the perfect soil to use when incorporating straight on top of the ground, in raised garden beds, planter boxes and top dressing.
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Planters Mix lawn and garden is a blended soil containing 33% Premium 3® compost and 66% screened topsoil. You can plant directly into this nutrient rich mix. Teeming with microbial life, planters mix is ideal soil for leveling amended soil prior to sodding, planting trees, shrubs, flower and vegetables. Planters Mix is ideal soil to use when incorporating straight on top of the ground if tilling is impossible due to tree roots, shallow irrigation systems or buried utilities, proir to sodding. Also use Planters Mix to fill raised garden beds, planter boxes, potted plants, top dressing lawns, and to cover lawn seed and over seed.



66% Screened Topsoil

33% Premium 3®  Compost

Sold in bulk by the cubic yard

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