Premium 3® Compost

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Premium 3® compost is the industry standard compost and is essential to healthy plant growth. Till Premium 3® compost into the soil prior to sodding to create an ideal root zone and to conserve water.
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Premium 3® compost lawn and garden is stabilized organic material produced from organic-rich dairy manure and bedding materials. Premium 3® provides nutrients and a healthy population of naturally occurring soil organisms, which revitalizes the existing microbial population in the soil. It contains significant quantities of organic matter necessary for water retention and provides food for the soil organisms, which in turn “feeds the plants.” It helps return many properties to the soil which have been lost over time and with use. Use Premium 3® compost to amend your soil. Adding organic matter to soil prior to installing sod, seeding a lawn, or planting a garden, is the first step to a successful project.


Produced from organic-rich dairy manure and bedding materials. Contains significant quantities of organic matter.


Soil Preparation


Use 3 to 5 yards per 1,000 square feet
Till to a depth of 6” to 12”


Sold in bulk by the cubic yard


Till in 3 to 5 yards per 1,000 sq. ft. 6” to 12” deep to create an ideal root zone for new sod to thrive and save water.  Premium 3® compost opens up heavy clay soils and allows water to percolate through tighter soils. On sandy more porous soils, compost helps hold water in the root zone where it is available for plant use.  Premium 3® compost is on the Denver Waters approved soil amendment list and is the most important ingredient in creating a root zone that will retain and conserve water before sodding. Preparing the soil with Premium 3® compost can reduce your water consumption by 20% to 40% in lawns and gardens and is essential to healthy plant growth.


Premium 3® is listed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture as an amendment approved for use on Organically Certified Crops. Independent testing by Colorado State University confirms that Premium 3® safely provides higher levels of nutrients.


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