Screened Topsoil

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Our Screened Topsoil is a sandy loam soil that is sourced from native Colorado soils. This highly uniform topsoil is perfect for leveling and building up lawn and garden areas. Use topsoil to level out a yard area prior to tilling in compost.
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$46.00 per cubic yard



Our Screened Topsoil lawn and garden is a sandy loam material that is produced from Colorado soils. Use our topsoil to fill and level low spots in yards and to increase soil depth to desired grade prior to tilling in compost. As a fill material, screened topsoil is easy to work and compacts well, reducing unwanted settling when building up a lawn area. The sandy loam texture allows increased water movement through the soil compared to heavy clay soils that cause water to puddle. Our topsoil has been run through a screen to eliminate large clods and produces a superior soil that is easy to rake and smooth.


100% Sandy Loam Soil
Screened to 3/8″

Sold in bulk by the cubic yard

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