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Walnut Metro Mulch

Walnut Metro Mulch has a rich, walnut-brown color that blends into a variety of landscapes in a subtle and naturally beautiful way. This shredded mulch is dyed with an environmentally safe, clay-based stain.

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Walnut Metro Mulch has a rich, walnut-brown color that blends into a variety of landscapes in a subtle and naturally beautiful way. This mulch has a clean, fibrous texture that makes it easy to work with. Walnut Metro Mulch is produced from pole shavings and shredded brush that is then dyed with an environmentally safe clay-based stain that resists color loss and fading. When used in landscape and planting beds, the Walnut Metro helps conserve water by reducing evaporation. It also helps stop weed invasions by blocking sunlight. Using landscape fabric as a weed barrier underneath this mulch will also prevent more weeds from growing. Mulches tend to generate less heat than rock, which helps keep areas cooler and reduces the black top effect in yards and gardens.

The Walnut Metro has a beautiful, natural color as well as being water efficient and durable, making it a great option for any landscaping needs.


100% pole shavings and shredded brush

Sold in bulk by the cubic yard

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