SPF 30 Texas Hybrid lawn seed

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SPF 30 Texas Hybrid Bluegrass is simular to Kentucky bluegrass with added heat and drought tolerance. A cross between Texas bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass.




SPF-30 adds genetic diversity with a high-performance Texas Bluegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass cross! Expanding the area of adaptation for bluegrasses, SPF 30 has been successful farther south than traditional Kentucky bluegrasses, and is adding heat tolerance and summer performance to northern zone turf. SPF-30 produces a high percentage of living ground cover throughout the summer, recovers quickly from drought, and is resistant to brown patch disease. With its aggressive rhizomes, SPF-30 improves the ability of tall fescue turf to recover when combined in a mixture. SPF-30 is an elite and medium-bladed hybrid bluegrass for landscape contractors, sports turf managers, homeowners, and golf course superintendents who are battling the stress of summer heat.


Light/Soil Requirements: Performs best in full sun or light shade and many soil types.


Seed Varities in Blend
100 % SPF 30 Texas Hybrid

Seeding Rates
Seed Rate: 3 to 4 lbs per 1,000 square feet
Overseeding Rate: 1 to 2 lbs per 1,000 sq ft

Establishment Rate:
Germinates in 14-28 days under ideal conditions
Fully establishes in one growing season

New Lawn Seedings
2 pound bag covers 960 square feet
5 pound bag covers   1,600 square feet
25 pound bag covers 8,000 square feet
50 pound bag covers 16,000 square feet

Overseeding Existing Turf
3 pound bag covers 3,000 square feet
5 pound bag covers 5,000 square feet
25 pound bag covers 25,000 square feet
50 pound bag covers 50,000 square feet


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