Texoka Buffalograss

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Texoka Buffalograss is also a great choice for a low maintenance lawns, roadsides, erosion control areas, and reclamation areas. Leaf blades are 8” to 10” long, but they fall over and give the turf a short appearance.




Texoka Buffalograss is a perennial, warm season, native sod-forming grass. This grass occurs naturally and grows best on clay loam to clay soils and does not do well in shaded areas. Texoka is native to the great plains region of the U.S. and does not perform well in elevations higher that 6,500 ft.. Texoka Buffalo Grass can be used as a lawn grass, pasture grass, erosion control, low maintenance sites, and natural settings.


100% Texoka Buffalograss


Seeding Rate:
Seed Rate: 2 to 3 lbs per 1,000 square feet
Primed to improve germination


Establishment Rate:

Germinates in 20 to 30 days under ideal conditions

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