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Littleton High School

Littleton High School is one of the largest educational institutions in the Littleton, Colorado area. It is a part of Littleton Public Schools and serves teenagers and families throughout the region. Academic and athletic programs at this high school have dramatically expanded over the years, creating new opportunities for students in the school district.

The first building was constructed more than 100 years ago. At that time, Littleton High School served 20 students. Approximately 15 years after the first building was finished, funding was significantly increased, providing resources that led to the construction of three new wings. The overall floor space of the high school doubled, dramatically increasing the number of students.

During the 1950s, a cafeteria, kitchen, and six new classrooms were added. This created opportunities for new courses, including studies in home economics, woodshop, and music.

The current building was finished in 1956. It added thousands of square feet to the school while creating more classrooms for the rapidly growing area. As the community continued to grow, more additions were made to the school, including a larger auditorium and a brand-new swimming pool. The gymnasium was also renovated to offer balcony seating.

The programs at this high school

There are several athletic programs offered at this high school. Examples include track and field, swimming, softball, baseball, cross-country, basketball, golf, lacrosse, wrestling, and volleyball. Littleton High School offers both men’s and women’s sports, encouraging students of all levels to compete.

Littleton High School also has a thriving performing arts department. Students have the opportunity to participate in vocal music, band, and theater. The drama department puts on a wide variety of products throughout the year, creating opportunities for all students to become more involved. Students at the school have put on a variety of productions, including The Mystery of Edwin Drood and The Laramie Project.

Students at Littleton High School also have the opportunity to challenge themselves through upper-level classes. This high school has become a member of the International Baccalaureate program, earning its membership in 1997. Littleton High School has a high graduation rate, and many of its students go on to college.

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