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Sterne Park

Sterne Park is a lovely recreational area located in Littleton, Colorado, a southern suburb of Denver. This is something of a historic park, having been around for almost a century, and yet remains a fantastic green space for people of all ages to relax and enjoy.

History of the park

The Littleton Civic and Commercial Association set aside land for this park in 1928. In the beginning, they were short of finances to transform that land into a more thriving place of recreation. That’s where the Sterne name comes from. Sterne Park and the large throughway of Sterne Parkway that runs alongside it are named after William C. “Billy” Sterne. Billy Sterne made his money in the lumber industry. While that may have meant taking away green spaces, he gave back to the community. He did that by building new green spaces closer to home. His significant financial contributions to support Littleton Park are the reason the Littleton Civic and Commercial Association requested it to be named after him. That happened when they officially gave the park to the City of Littleton in 1931. Sterne’s contributions to the park continued after his death as he left a large bequest for its continual improvements and beautification. His son, Charles Sterne, later did the same.

About the park

Sterne Park is a green, hilly expanse that covers a full two blocks. With a dedicated parking lot to the northwest and an adjacent War Memorial Rose Garden on its western border with a secondary parking area. At the center of the park is a large, natural pond fed by a nearby stream. A nice paved 0.3-mile trail meanders around the entire length of the pond. Therefore, it offers a relaxing natural route for residents to enjoy a little exercise and bird watching. On the southern end of the pond are bathrooms and a covered pavilion with a half-dozen picnic tables and barbecue grills. This area can be rented for large parties or used as available for smaller ones, and it often is full during the weekends.

Also near the pavilion is the popular Sterne Park playground. This playground features safe, modern equipment with two play structures, one for toddlers and one for older children. There is also a rope climb, small bouncers, and a sphere-shaped spinner.

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