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Can I Lay Turf Directly on Top of My Old, Worn-Out Lawn?

When thinking about replacing an old, worn-out lawn with new turf, many people realize that it could be a big job to get rid of the previous grass. It’s natural to wonder if you can just lay the new sod down on top of that grass instead of going to the effort of exposing plain, bare soil. Research reveals that it’s surely worth it to remove the old grass. Can I lay turf directly on top of my old, worn-out lawn?

Sod Needs Excellent Ground Contact to Avoid Drying Out

For new turf roots to stay hydrated and grow, they need to be in direct contact with the soil. A layer of old, drying grass prevents this contact and allows air to reach the new roots. This dries out the sod and kills it. Some experts also note that the dying old grass can produce a film of acid or slime, which causes further harm to the new sod.

Stripping the Old Lawn Helps Remove Weeds

Even though the old grass may die under the weight and darkness of the new turf, existing weeds aren’t as easy to kill. They’re likely to grow up through the sod, making your new lawn weedy right from the start.

You Don’t Have to Remove the Old Lawn Yourself

Most sod and turf companies are happy to provide soil preparation for your lawn renovation project. They’ll take off the old grass, add any needed soil amendments, and smooth out the ground. This ensures that the soil bed is perfect for getting new turf to grow quickly and strongly. It also makes it so that you end up with a nice, level lawn.

If you’re in around Littleton or Platteville, CO, contact us here at Green Valley Turf Company. We’ll make sure that your new turf is installed properly!

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