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How Deep Should the Soil be Beneath the Turf?

Soil preparation is essential to getting good results from laying new sod or turf. It’s easy to guess that the soil bed should be free of weeds and that it shouldn’t be overly compacted. However, there is more to it than this. It should also be at the proper depth. This ensures that the roots of the new sod will have plenty of room to spread and that it won’t run out of nutrients too quickly.

How Deep Should the Soil Be Beneath the Turf?

The short answer is six inches, but there is more that you should keep in mind. Simply tilling existing soil to a six-inch depth often won’t be enough to ensure a proper growing area for your turf. In most areas, the soil will also have to be amended. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be a big project.

The key to creating a proper soil bed is bringing in the right kind of soil. For a new lawn, you’ll want to add topsoil. You should be looking for a variety that is dark, and that has enough organic matter to hold water for the right amount of time. It shouldn’t dry too fast after it rains (or after watering it), but it shouldn’t stay soggy, either. Good commercial topsoil will have these qualities. In some areas, you may need to shop around between topsoil sellers to get the right type.

Once the topsoil is brought in, it should be incorporated into the current soil. A rototiller is typically fine for a residential property. For a large field, a plow is ideal.

The easiest way to ensure a perfect bed for a new lawn or field is to have the preparation done by professionals. Call us here at Green Valley Turf in Littleton or Platteville to get a new turf lawn without having to do the work yourself.

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