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What You Should Know About Choosing a Sod Installation Company

Depending on what kind of service you need, whether it be turf for your golf course, sports arena, or sod for your home, Green Valley Turf Company can meet all of your needs. When looking for installation companies, it’s essential to look for not only high-quality sod but also high-quality and efficient team members who will perform the sod installation, complete with preparation and clean up. 

Sports Venues 

If your company is looking to install some turf for your sports venue, consider Green Valley Turf’s services. The sod, HD Sports 2.0, is made of high-quality Kentucky bluegrass and is fit to weather through any conditions. Green Valley has provided sod for many professional sports venues. Some of them are Bronco’s stadium, as well as high school stadiums and recreational park districts. 

Golf Courses 

The Green Valley Turf Company is proud to provide the best services for golf courses in the Rocky Mountain region. We are using experienced crews and efficient team members to get the job done quickly and with care.

Your Home 

Are you considering a new sod installment for your home? You will first need to choose the type of sod you want based on a few choices. The climate where you live is one factor that can determine what kind of sod you need. We offer Tahoma 31, a cold-tolerant bermudagrass that uses less water than typical grass. Otherwise, there is Colorado Blue, a drought-tolerant blend. Thirdly, there’s WaterSaver, a tall fescue with deep roots. Choose the type of sod that best fits your needs, and then you can move on to the next step; buying your sod. 

Our Services

Once you have chosen what type of sod is ideal for your situation, you can contact Green Valley to have the sod delivered and installed. You can also pick up as much sod as you want for your home, and there will be a team to help you load the sod into your vehicle. If you opt for delivery, we will make sure we find a convenient day and time for the delivery, and the delivery price will vary based on your location. The advantage of having your sod delivered is that it is guaranteed to be freshly cut, saving you valuable time. 

Make Your Workplace or Home Look Fantastic With Sod From Green Valley Turf Company!

We are happy to install the sod for you after the delivery, and we pride ourselves on a high-quality installation. We have experience installing on many different terrains, commercial landscapes, and private homes. At Green Valley Turf Company, our sod installation process includes the delivery, installation, fertilizer application, and clean-up. You can choose between a big roll sod installation, which is a way sod can be installed without the appearance of seams and squares that can be used to fill in smaller areas. The other services we offer during installation are preparation of the soil, grading, edging, and mulch installation. 

If you are interested in these services for your next sod installation, we offer a free installation estimate. We are located in both Littleton and Platteville, CO, and we are happy to assist you with any questions you have. Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your sod installation needs. 

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Caring For Newly Laid Turf

When you have newly laid turf at your home or business, it’s important to understand how caring for newly laid turf while it is taking root matters. It is going to take your new turf a few weeks to root into the ground, and this is a time when the turf should have minimal foot traffic.

Place a flag in areas where new grass is growing.

If you must walk on the turf for any reason, use a series of wide boards to get to your destination in order to spread out your weight on the turf.  Once you are done walking on the turf, pick the boards back up to avoid damage to the turf.

As part of caring for newly laid turf on your lawn, water the turf every day, as the root system is not connected to the soil immediately. New turf requires heavy watering in the beginning as the root system takes hold.

As your newly laid turf starts to grow, wait until the turf has grown about four inches before you use a mower on your turf. The newly laid sod will take about four weeks, and you don’t want to be mowing your personal lawn weeks before you should.  When you mow turf for the first time, take care only to cut off the top inch to allow the turf to continue taking root. If you cut the turf too low, you can end up damaging the root system.

If you notice signs that your personal turf is damaged or has an infestation of bugs, it’s essential to get these issues addressed before the entire newly laid turf lawn is destroyed.

Pay attention to sod fertilization schedules, as your turf will grow best when you provide the nutrients your turf lawn needs through fertilization.

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Bow Mar, Colorado 

Incorporated in 1958, Bow Mar is 12 miles southwest of downtown Denver, located in Arapahoe and Jefferson counties. The population is close to 900 people, with around 300 family homes, and 95% of residents are homeowners, creating a rural feel. The name Bow Mar comes from the names of two neighboring lakes, Bowles Lake and Marston Reservoir. Many homes around this area were designed in Frank Lloyd Wright-style architecture.

Bow Mar is a safe, family-oriented town with lots of open space and nature for everyone to enjoy, complete with recreational activities, sports, and social outings.