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War Memorial Rose Garden

Enjoying Nature at the War Memorial Rose Garden

If you’re in or near the Denver, Colorado, area and want to connect with nature, one of the best places to visit is the War Memorial Rose Garden. Located at 5804 S Bemis St, Littleton, CO 80120, it’s a picturesque location for picnics, exploring nature, and producing gorgeous photos. Peaceful and serene, visitors can see the mountains in the background. One of only two designated All-American Rose Selects in Colorado, this venue has over 1800 roses of all types.

Breathtaking Weddings and Receptions

The War Memorial Rose Garden is also known for its beautiful wedding venue location. The gazebo is a breathtaking backdrop for exchanging vows or a reception. The roses start blooming at the end of June, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy nature and say “I do.”

History Every Day

Dedicated to veterans serving in the war, it features the Orian Sterne fountain. This highlighted piece is located at the center of the garden and is named for the daughter of W.C. Sterne. Originally, it was built to sit in front of the Carnegie Library in old town Littleton on Main Street. Then was stored in the Littleton Historical Museum until 1988, after the Santa Fe/Bowles intersection was reconstructed.

A large sundial is also located within the garden, installed in 1969. The sundial displays the hours of summer between April and September and then the winter hours from October through March. The garden also features plaques identifying the various types of roses, along with an interactive map to showcase the roses planted per section. A Victorian-style gazebo was constructed in 1995. It was a collaboration between Dr. William Campbell, South Suburban Parks and Recreation, and other donors in honor of his wife Linda, past president of the Arapahoe Rose and Denver Rose Societies.

The War Memorial Rose Garden is the perfect spot to make memories, learn something new, and enjoy the world of roses in one place.

The Littleton Museum is another great location to learn about.