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How Long Does a Turf Field Last?

If you are looking for a solid surface that will work well for an athletic complex, then you have probably thought about field turf. Of course, you want your field turf to last as long as possible. How long should you expect the field to last?

You should expect to get at least 10 years of use out of your turf. If you take care of it, it could last for 20 years. Some quality options could even last for 25 years as long as the weather is good and you maintain it.

Maintaining Your Field Turf

You should groom your field turf every 40 hours of use. When football, soccer, and lacrosse are in season, this averages out to once per week. Grooming your field turf is important for removing rocks, branches, leaves, and other debris. If you let these obstacles sit on the fields, they could become trip hazards or get stuck in the turf itself.

Try to avoid using too much heavy equipment on the turf. You may also want to limit its exposure to severe weather. If you know there is a storm coming, make sure to cover it up. You might want to have your turf inspected by a professional from time to time.

Work With a Professional Team

Much of the lifespan of your turf is going to be dictated by how well it is installed. Therefore, you should always work with a professional team that can help you install your field turf properly. As long as it is installed well and you take care of it, it should last for decades. You should also talk to a professional team about the type of turf that is best for your needs. That way, you can put yourself in the best position possible to be successful.

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