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South Valley Middle School

South Valley Middle School is located in Platteville, CO. The school is a part of the Weld County School District and serves students from grades six to eight. The school’s mission is to serve students with a safe, positive, and growth-oriented environment that contributes to the academic, intellectual, and social development and success of students while also preparing them for the 21st century. At this middle school strives to provide students with a strong foundation that teaches social skills, creativity, work ethic, and academic mastery that equips them with the tools to become leaders in the community with a passion for lifelong learning and a responsibility to the world in which they live.

Academics at South Valley Middle School

South Valley Middle School offers a wide variety of classes in numerous subject areas with an emphasis on core subjects. Students take classes in math, English, social studies (history), science, and foreign languages. The school offers several foreign languages from which students can choose. All students participate in physical education classes as well as art classes. Art classes can include music as well as painting, drawing, and other forms of artwork. Teachers at the school regularly communicate with parents to keep them updated on students’ performances. This middle school audits the performance of teachers and looks for trends among departments to adjust courses as needed. The school also offers standardized testing to students to ensure they are meeting developmental and academic milestones.

Athletics at this Middle School

South Valley Middle School also offers a myriad of athletic opportunities. Sports at the school are divided into fall, winter, and spring sports. Sports are offered for boys and girls. Some sports offered by the school include cross country and soccer in the fall, basketball (for boys and girls) in the winter, and baseball and track and field in the spring. The school regularly audits its sports compared to other schools in the league to see if any sports should be added. Students are encouraged to participate in sports but are not required to do so.

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