Compost Soil & Planter Mix

Bulk Compost and Soils Picked Up

We carry and EcoGro® compost, Premium 3® compost, Planters Mix and Screened Top Soil at our Littleton location. Bulk organics and soils are sold by the cubic yard and are loaded into your truck or trailer with a tractor. These products may also be hand loaded into a car or plastic bag with a shovel.

What Soil or Compost to Use?

Use EcoGro® or Premium 3® composts before sodding if you want to till in organics and soil prep your new lawns root zone. Planters mix works great to fill in low spots before sodding, cover overseed, top-dress turf, or fill planter boxes. If you need to build up an area, our clean sandy loam screened topsoil works great to raise the grade and fill in low spots. Once you establish grade with topsoil, be sure to till in compost.

Bulk Soils and Compost Delivery

We deliver compost, soils, and planters mix Monday through Saturday. Delivery charges vary by location. Please call for a quote to your specific location. Our trucks can deliver 10 cubic yards of compost and 7 cubic yards of planters mix or topsoil per load. We need a 10’ wide opening to get our dump trucks in and 20’ overhead to dump. All of the soil and compost deliveries come out of our Littleton, Colorado location.

Soil Preparation Before Sodding

Our Premium 3® and EcoGro® are high quality, organic-rich composts that are tilled into the ground to amend the soil before sodding. Premium 3® and EcoGro® composts are on the Denver Water approved soil amendment list. We highly recommend soil prepping before sodding because the organic matter helps your soil retain water and your new lawn will need less watering. Organic-rich composts also will supply your new lawns root system with nutrients.