• Speed Zone kills clover and other broad leaf weeds.

Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

Kills broadleaf weeds and clover in lawns. Speed Zone is safe to use on your lawn for killing broadleaf weeds and difficult to control clover.

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Speed Zone is safe to use on lawns for killing clover and broadleaf weeds. Speed Zone excells during cooler times of the year when other product are not as effective. This product is outstanding at controling difficult to kill clover. Safe to use on established Kentucky bluegrass, Texas hybrid bluegrass, Fescues, perennial and annual Ryegrass. Fast acting formula provides visibal results in 24 hours. 


Concentrate 20 oz. covers 14,000 square feet      


Use this 20 oz. concreate in a  hand held sprayer like our Scotts 1 gal. multi sprayer. Mix according to lable.  Read and understand the lable prior to using. Best to spray in the morning and let sit all day. Apply when weeds are small and actively growing and not under drought stress.

Apply when broadleaf weeds are young and actively growing for best results. This product is intended for one most Cool-Season & Warm-Season turfgrass. May be applied in the spring, summer or fall. Avoid spraying drought stressed lawns or when temperatures are above 85°F. Spray when weeds are young and actively growing for best results.





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