GVT 20-5-5 3fe Slow Release Lawn Fertilizer

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Longer feedings, less growth & a deeper greening, our 20-5-5 3%Fe (Iron) Slow Release continuously feeds and greens your lawn for 8 to 12 weeks.




Our 20-5-5 3% Fe (Iron) Slow Release Fertilizer continuously feeds and greens your lawn for 8 to 12 weeks. 50% of the nitrogen in this fertilizer comes from slow-release Nutra-lean nitrogen that produces a slow but steady feeding and suppresses surge growth. Our Slow Release quickly greens up your lawn while still providing a gradual release of nutrients over time as the grass needs it. The Green Valley Slow Release contains Iron, which gives it a deeper greening. Since this fertilizer releases gradually, the grass doesn’t grow as fast, meaning less mowing. The 20-5-5 Slow Release Fertilizer will have your lawn looking thicker, greener, and more consistent throughout the year. A great option for fertilizing established lawns in the summer and fall.


50 lbs bag covers 6,500 square feet


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