Crabgrass Control Plus 16-0-4 Lawn Fertilizer

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Prevents crabgrass & grassy weeds. Crabgrass Control Plus contains a preemergence herbicide which is applied to established turfgrasses to control weeds and grassy weeds.




Crabgrass Control Plus 16-0-4 contains a preemergence herbicide which is applied to established turfgrasses for the control of the winter annual grass: Annual Bluegrass; and summer annual grasses: Smooth and Hairy Crabgrass, Goosegrass, Silver Crabgrass or Crowfootgrass, Barnyardgrass, Watergrass and Green, and Yellow Foxtail. This product also provides partial control of Prostrate Spurge, Spotted Spurge, Creeping Spurge, Creeping Woodsorrel, and Yellow Woodsorrel. Use in the spring and summer before grassy weeds start growing. If Crab Grass was a problem last season in your lawn, be sure to use this product to prevent Crab Grass and other grassy weeds from coming back.


15 lb bag covers 5,000 square feet


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