SPF30 Texas Bluegrass Sod

Loves the summer heat, water savings, full sun to medium shade

SPF30 Texas Blue is a new Texas blue hybrid with increased summer heat tolerance that is a fine-textured low maintenance turf that excels in the high temperatures.

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SPF30 Texas Blue is a Texas blue hybrid that excels in high temperatures.  With increased heat and drought tolerance, this grass can go longer between irrigation and uses less water. A cross between native Texas bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, SPF30 Texas Blue has aggressive spreading rhizomes enabling it to recover quickly from drought stress. Its spreading ability allows it to recover quickly from wear and fill in weak areas. SPF30 Texas Blue maintains great turf quality with reduced lawn maintenance. A fine-textured turf that excels in medium shade to full sun. 

Full Sun to Medium Shade

High Heat Tolerance

Tolerates summer heat extremely well and excels in high temperatures. It can go longer between watering. Uses less water.

Added Drought Stress

Aggressive rhizomes make it better equipped to withstand hot, dry conditions and enable this turf to recover quickly after drought stress and lack of water.

Great Appearance

A high-density excellent quality turf. Deep green color, fine-textured turf with a traditional lawn appearance.

Low Maintenance

Maintains an excellent turf quality under less than favorable maintenance. Higher heat tolerance requires less water and reduced mowing.



High heat lawns, south facing slopes, kids & pets, parks, commercial properties, golf rough

Sod Blend

100% SPF30 Texas Blue Hybrid


Fine blade, dark green color

Mowing Height

1" to 5"

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