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Platteville Elementary School

Platteville Elementary School is a school serving younger children in Weld County School District, RE-1. The school is located at 1202 Main Street in Platteville, Colorado 80651. The school is known for providing exceptional academics to students in the local area before preparing them to move on to middle and high school. The school’s mission is to ensure that students have a strong educational foundation to build the skills they need to be successful young adults. Numerous resources are available to help students and parents get the most out of their education.

Academics at Platteville Elementary School

The academics at Platteville Elementary School focus on a variety of core subjects. Students learn important skills in English, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Foreign Languages. In addition, the curricula offered at this Elementary School are evaluated regularly. That is to make sure it prepares students well to move on to the next grade. If students are having issues grasping a specific subject, extra help sessions are available to ensure students stay caught up. Furthermore, students are evaluated using a test at the end of the year to make sure they are ready to move on to the next grade. This test is also an opportunity for the school to make sure their academics are strong. Courses are improved when needed to ensure students meet or exceed academic standards.

Athletics at Platteville Elementary School

While the students at Platteville Elementary School do not travel to other schools for competitions as they do in middle school and high school, they do receive plenty of exercise throughout the day. Physical education is an important part of the curriculum at the school. Students are taught the basics of a variety of sports they can use to stay in shape. Furthermore, students are taught the importance of eating a healthy diet. The primary goal of the PE curriculum at this school is to make sure students remain healthy. The PE classes rotate from time to time to make sure the students are interested in the sports, games, and exercises being taught.

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