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Miller Farms

Miller Farms is a family-owned and -operated farm. It offers Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, shares through pickup or delivery throughout Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas. There is both a short spring CSA offering and one that covers the rest of the growing season in the summer. 

The farm, which the family first started back in 1949, is open on weekends for visitors. What started as a small fresh farm produce stand on the honor system back in the 1950s has now turned into a more robust CSA farm that doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides to grow its food. 

Selling their Products

Miller Farms continues to sell produce at a roadside stand, at farmers’ markets, and through the CSA program. They offer programs such as the “Potato Dig”. That program includes a petting zoo, potato harvest, and hayrides. This farm has also hosted festivals at which carrots, onions, Indian corn, pumpkins, and other vegetables have been harvested. The annual Fall Festival is widely attended, with more than 15,000 visitors last year. When you visit Miller Farms, you can go on a farm tour by taking a hayride throughout the farm. The goal of the tour is to learn more about the vegetables grown on the farm. 

Miller Farms is family-oriented and encourages others to learn about agriculture and the ways in which we are fed locally. The farm has the commitment to grow food without chemicals. As a result, the farm has seen substantial growth over the years as a pesticide-free farm. You can purchase products at their honor system farm stand, just like when the farm first started. You can find this farm at a local farmers’ market or choose one of the CSA programs to become part of this community-supported agriculture. Take some time out of your day to head to Miller Farms and learn more about the food you eat that is locally grown.

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