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Lawn Geese

Canadian Geese in the Denver cause problems in turf and love to eat bluegrass lawns..

Canadian geese can damage your lawn.

Canadian Geese in the Denver area love to feed on turf grass lawns and can create quite a mess. If left unattended, geese can do some serious damage due to over grazing and smothering your lawn with goose droppings. If Geese have moved into you yard, try to break their habits and keep them off the yard when it is wet. This is when the most physical damage will occur. If goose droppings become thick enough to smother the lawn, simply remove the droppings with a rake or a leaf blower. Canadian Geese on your lawn is only a serious problem if they graze the turf down to the dirt and harm the base or crown of the grass plant. So enjoy the new company unless they really start making a mess.