Fertilizer Program for your Lawn

The Green Valley Turf Co. Lawn Fertilizer Program

For over 55 years, we have been growing grass in Colorado. We blend our lawn fertilizers for Colorado soils and our dry climate. We offer fertilizers that will keep your lawn healthy all year long. Our organic lawn fertilizer will improve soil health by feeding the microorganisms in your soil. Colorado yards perform best with four feedings per year. For a beautiful, healthy lawn, follow our four-step fertilizer program.

Early Spring Lawn Fertilizer Icon

March - April

Quick Feed 20-20-10 1fe starter lawn fertilizer is formulated for Colorado soils.


Quick Feed 20-20-10 1fe Lawn Fertilizer

Start the season with Quick Feed 20-20-10. The root system of your lawn has been growing slowly during the winter. When your grass comes out of dormancy, it needs to replenish depleted nutrients. This first feed will help your lawn recover from the winter and feed the hungry root system.

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Late Spring Lawn Fertilizer Icon

Step 2
May - June


Slow Release 20-5 5 3fe Lawn Fertilizer

The late spring feeding with our Slow Release 20-5-5 will thicken up your lawn and continue to build a deep root system to combat summer stress for up to eight weeks. This extended-release fertilizer will slowly feed your grass through late spring into summer without promoting excessive growth.

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Summer Lawn Fertilizer Icon

Step 3
July - August

Green Valley Turf Co. brand 8-2-1 100% Organic lawn fertilizer 40 lbs. bag


Organic 8-2-1 Lawn Fertilizer

Our 100% Organic 8-2-1 lawn fertilizer provides just the right amount of nutrients during the summer heat. Our low nitrogen Organic fertilizer releases nutrients slowly for up to six months and improves soil health feeding the microorganisms. The Summer heat helps convert the organics into usable nutrients quicker.

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Fall Lawn Fertilizer Icon

Step 4
Sept. - Oct.

Quick Feed 20-20-10 1fe starter lawn fertilizer is formulated for Colorado soils.


Quick Feed 20-20-10 1fe Lawn Fertilizer

Prepare your lawn for winter with Quick Feed 20-20-10 in fall. This aids with recovery from the summer heat and helps the grass store carbohydrates for the winter. Fertilize when the top growth of your lawn has slowed down, but the grass is still green and photosynthesizing.

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New Sod Fertilizer

Use Quick Feed 20-20-10 for all new sod during installation and the first month. Apply to the soil before installing the sod.

Lawn Rehab

If your grass is unhealthy, off-color and not growing, use Quick Feed 20-20-10 at any time to bring it back to health.