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Green Valley Turf has been serving the needs of landscapers and homeowners in Parker and the surrounding towns since 1962. Our mission has always been to make the world a greener place, one lawn at a time.

We not only know just the right kind of sod you need to put down on your lawn, but we also grow it.

We offer a self-repairing deep-growing turfgrass that comes back from the root, RTF® Water Saver® Sod Tall Fescue. This grass grows deeply and saves you money on summer watering. Check out the grass we supply to IKEA.

Need to keep footprints from showing in high-traffic areas? Our Colorado Blue™ is a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass that grows into a finely textured dense turf. It’s the grass we provide for Broncos Stadium. It’s the grass you need to keep your sports fields looking great.

Or maybe you need a tough turfgrass that chokes out weeds: That’s our Tahoma 31™ Sod Bermudagrass. It’s a warm-season grass that gets by on 50 to 75 percent less water than other cool-season grasses. Our Tahoma 31™ Sod Bermudagrass matures to a rich tan during the winter, and we have bred it to come back year after year, even after the coldest winters.

Green Valley Turf offers sod sales, sod installation, and turf services. We also provide bulk soil and mulch, lawn seed, and lawn fertilizer.

Pick the Right Time and Specialist

Spring is the time to prepare for a perfect summer lawn. You’ll need to remove last summer’s thatch and aerate your soil. You’ll need to open up the soil after winter snow has packed it down.

Grass starts growing after it has been mowed. You will want to remove any dead growth to give new green grass room to grow. Mowing also lets sunlight through to warm the ground.

In Parker, Colorado, and Douglas County, you should put down a spring application of a 20-20-10 fertilizer that contains iron. Our alkaline soils make iron hard to get to the grassroots, and without available iron, your grass will be yellow.

Then, let Mother Nature kick off grass growth with natural water. Let snow melt, and early-season thunderstorms bring moisture and nutrients down through aerated soil to the root zone where grass needs it most.

Are you looking to put in new sod? Use our Sod Cost Calculator to ballpark the cost, and then call us at 303-798-6764 to work out the details.

And we’re your supplier of all the quality products you need to keep your grass in great shape. You can visit us in person. Our Denver Metro Office is located at 13159 N. U.S. Highway 85, Littleton, CO 80125 (direct line: 303-798-6764), and our Northern Colorado office is located at 17730 State Highway 60, Platteville, CO 80651 (direct line: 970-785-2425).

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We're a seed farm that also does installation and has other products for sale.

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Based on more than 60 years of serving Coloradans, Green Valley Turf offers three turf types with advantages in different applications. Although some might think that grass is grass, each grass type evolved under different conditions. In addition, the selective breeding of turf types means different kinds of turf meet the needs of specialized applications.

Colorado Blue™, a drought-tolerant blend of elite Kentucky bluegrasses, is our most popular turf. It offers a dark blue-green color year-round and is a tough turf engineered for Colorado. It’s heat and drought-tolerant. Colorado Blue™ offers excellent traffic tolerance, which is ideal for backyards, sports fields, and similar demanding locations. Its versatility allows it to be mowed short in fairways or cut to standard backyard height.

RTF® Water Saver® is our next most popular turf. It’s a patented self-repairing rhizomatous tall fescue with a deep root system that saves water. It handles heat well, is drought-tolerant, self-repairs, and stands up to dog urine, so it’s ideal for homes with pets and kids, streetscapes, parks, commercial properties, golf bunkers, and rough, naturalized no-mow areas. In addition, it also offers excellent shade tolerance. Green Valley Turf is the exclusive dealer of RTF® turf in Denver and other counties.

Tahoma 31™ is a new cold-tolerant Bermuda grass that uses 50% to 75% less water than cool-season grasses. It’s the perfect sod for the Western US, where summers are hotter and drier, and water is a premium. Tahoma 31™ handles traffic well, resists dog urine, and requires less mowing, so it performs well in lawns, streetscapes, and sports fields.

Each turf type has unique characteristics suited to different applications. Let the experts at Green Valley Turf help select the best turf for you.

We're a sod and seed farm company in Denver, Colorado, offering turf installation for golf and sports fields.

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Parker, Colorado 

It’s not easy to keep your turfgrass green in Parker, Colorado.

Watering to keep your lawn or turf green is a constant challenge. When it comes to weather, there aren’t really many “average” years in Douglas County, but you can’t really count on getting more than about 14 inches of rain and the equivalent of melted snow annually. Most varieties of grasses that grow in Colorado need about 2 1/2 inches of water a week to stay green.

You don’t have to water as frequently to keep your grass green if you get a stand of fescue started, but you have to water it every week to keep it in peak condition. Blue grama and buffalo grass can look good in the summer without watering, but then you need to be careful not to mow too low when you come back from a few weeks of vacation from lawn care in the summer.

Soils in Parker, Colorado, tend to be hard, alkaline clay. They need core aeration to get water and nutrients down to the roots of the grass. They need modification to achieve an optimal pH, which will be different for each kind of grass you choose. And no matter whether you are maintaining a postage stamp lawn or Broncos Stadium, you need to complete the right tasks at the right time to get the right results.