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The Best Types of Sod to Use on Your  Lawn

Whether you are just moving in, prepping your home for sale, or simply want to erase your sea of crabgrass, installing sod is the fastest way to achieve your goal. Your local sod supplier will have the old patchy grass removed and a new lawn laid in just a day! But which type of grass is best for an ornamental garden, your backyard playground, or the front yard?

Kentucky Bluegrass Delivers Lush Color and Endures the Harsh Winters

Earning its names on the Kentucky horse breeding farms, Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool-season grass, which means it will survive most Colorado winters without requiring any special care in the fall. Homeowners love its dark green color with a hint of blue. It establishes fairly quickly, erasing bare spots after just a few weeks. It does develop a thick undergrowth and requires annual dethatching and aerating. Kentucky Bluegrass is a popular choice for front lawns and backyards with medium traffic.

Let the Kids Run on Resilient Ryegrass

Ryegrass is considered a perennial cool-season grass, as it sends up new green shoots every spring from its existing root system. It maintains its color well into the fall and is one of the earliest lawns to green up in April and May. It spreads rapidly, making it a great option for backyards full of bare spots due to high traffic. It needs little feeding but is more prone to insects and disease. It's also one of the most affordable options when considering which sod to put down on your yard.

Well-tended Buffalo Grass Creates Stunning Vistas

Does your property edge onto wild sections of high plains and parkland? Buffalo grass is the same grass that grows wild all across the Midwest. While it is considered a warm season grass, it can create a dramatic backdrop for your native gardens located below 6,500 feet. It does not want constant foot traffic but invites random visits by you and the local wildlife. It will need a little extra care and attention during its first year, but after that, it will naturally fight off pests, disease, and ecological changes while supporting the natural habitat.

Tall Fescue Will Thrive Once Established

If there is a grass that can be found coast-to-coast, tall and fine fescue will take the blue ribbon. Its deep root structure once established will go down as far as four feet, ensuring that it will always be able to access water even in a dry summer. It is resistant to foot traffic, bears a bright green hue, and is easily maintained with a few standard weed and feeds each year. Look for varieties developed for both full sun, partial shade, and full shade.

If you are searching for the most durable lawn possible, ask for a mixed-grass sod from your sod supplier. Blends are more likely to complement your neighbor's yard while resisting extreme temperatures and years of drought. Your sod installer will provide recommendations for the best type of grass for your particular location.

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New sod Installation on a lawn in Denver, Colorado

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Are you interested in improving your landscape? If so, you may want to purchase some sod. Finding the right sod for your landscape is crucial. From durability and weight to nutritional content and maintenance, there is much to consider when selecting sod. Before ordering your sod, you'll need to obtain the measurements to ensure that it fits your property.

The Measurements of One Roll of Sod

The precise measurements of a single roll of sod can vary from company to company; however, they are typically standard measurements across the industry. A single roll of sod typically measures 24 inches by 81 inches or 2 feet by 6.75 feet. When you roll out the sod, it should cover approximately 13.5 square feet. Keep in mind that you might have to cut the sod to fit specific areas of your property, such as arched driveways, gardens, ponds, and more. 

How Much Does it Weigh?

A single roll of sod usually weighs between 15 and 30 lb. The weight can vary depending on the thickness of the sod. The thicker the roll of sod, the more it will weigh. Even though this might not sound that heavy, it is always better to ask for help when loading it on and off your vehicle. Additionally, you may need someone to stabilize the roll of sod as you put it into place for installation. If your order requires many rolls of sod, consider asking your sod supplier about available delivery services in your region.

Work with a Professional Team

You might need multiple types of sod to cover your property. Regardless of how much sod you order, you should work with a professional team that can help you install it. To ensure that your sod lasts as long as possible and does not get damaged during transit, consider reaching out to specialists. Get this right on the first attempt, and work with a professional team that can help you. 

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Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood, Colorado is a beautiful and rapidly growing city on the western outskirts of the Denver Metropolitan region. Known for its elegant suburban neighborhoods, popular state parks, and access to multiple golf courses, it is attractive to both newcomers and families looking for a little more room outside the bustle of Downtown. With a population of over 140,000, it's also home to several up-and-coming corporations including HomeAdvisor, Einstein Bros. Bagels, and The Integer Company.

Citizens and visitors to the area enjoy easy access to the Foothills region of the Rocky Mountains. After only a few minutes' drive you can be surrounded by prairie, shaded trails by babbling brooks, and cattle ranches. Popular attractions such as The Homestead and Foothills Golf Courses take advantage of the natural beauty and cultivate their own fairways to reflect the grasses found in abundance on the High Plains.

Other popular neighborhoods sporting beautifully landscaped lawns, gated communities, and local shopping include the area of West Alameda Parkway and South Rooney Road to the west and the Applewood section to the north. The campus of the Colorado Christian University features well-tended lawns and walks, reflecting the abundance of natural greenery in the surrounding hills.

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