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Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Summer lawn maintenance can be challenging. You want to keep the grass healthy while ensuring the grass doesn’t grow too quickly. If you’re not careful, you can end up with a lawn that’s too tall, difficult to mow, or with dried patches. The following tips will help you keep your lawn looking great all summer long:

Mow Carefully and In Different Directions

Mow your lawn to 2 1/2 inches. If it’s been raining for a few days, you can cut the height down to 1 1/2 inches. But if it’s been sunny for a long time and there is no rain, let the grass grow to about 3 inches.

Mow in different directions to improve air circulation and sunlight penetration. Consider alternating the mowing pattern to let the grass grow straight, not in the blade’s direction.


Mulching retains soil moisture and adds matter and nutrients to a lawn. In addition, mulch has more time to decompose before it rains or snows, making it ideal for summer. 

Water Thoroughly, Not Frequently

Leave at least an inch of water in the soil overnight and in the morning. This will give your lawn time to absorb some of the moisture you’ve applied.

Don’t water during the day when it’s hot outside, since the water will evaporate. Instead, water during the evening and early morning when the temperature dips. 

Fertilize Late in The Evening

Never stop fertilizing your lawn during summer for fear of them burning. If you don’t, you’ll deprive your lawn of nutrients, causing the grass to lose its green color. Pick the correct numbers to prevent your lawn from forming stripes, streaks, or accidentally burning.

15-0-8, 10-0-4, or 6-0-0 are suitable options for summer. Include any morganite fertilizer compatible with your grass, as it contains virtually no salt. 

Apply the fertilizer in the early morning or late in the evening. At this time, the lawn is likely to be moist, minimizing the risk of any side effects. 

Dethatch and Maintain the Soil pH

Dethatching removes dead grass and leaves from the top layer of the soil, allowing for better aeration and water drainage. The process also mitigates disease infection and facilitates healthy roots and foliage growth. Plant pathogens can enter the root system and cause black spots, powdery mildew, or fungus if left unchecked. As you dethatch, maintain the soil pH so your lawn stays healthy throughout the season.

Eradicate the Weeds

Weeds are a problem for lawns, not just in the summer but all year round. Their roots grow deep into the soil, depriving your plants of space, water, and nutrients. In addition, some weeds can weaken your grass plant or make it more susceptible to diseases and infestation. 

In summary, the sweltering summer temperatures have a fair share of risks. During this time, your lawn is more susceptible to discoloring, developing bald patches, or even drying out completely. Apart from diligently following your summer lawn maintenance routine, be wary of any changes to your lawn. Fix any dried or infected turf immediately with a new one or by overseeding it. Doing so will help ensure the dried or infected patches do not escalate to affect the whole lawn. 

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Top 5 Benefits of Natural Turf in Sports

In recent decades, artificial turf in sports complexes has become popular. Compared to natural turf, it’s more resistant to wear and tear and has a longer lifespan. 

But does that mean artificial turf is better than natural turf in sports? 

That’s not remotely true. 

Read on to learn the benefits of natural turf in sports. And, more importantly, where you can find a reliable SOD supplier.

1. Cost Efficient

Since artificial turf requires little to no maintenance, it was initially thought it would be a cheaper option. But that’s not the case. 

Installing it in a stadium can cost upwards of $1,000,000. This is only a fraction of the cost of installing, maintaining, and replacing natural turf in 8-10 years. 

2. Environmentally Friendly

Natural turf is good for the environment. It absorbs carbon dioxide and creates oxygen. As this process takes place, it also helps cool the surface.

3. No Excessive Traction

Artificial turf is made using synthetic materials, which enhances grip. However, this increased grip is dangerous to players. 

During matches, players will sprint and engage in tussles numerous times. When they do, they need to slow down gradually. 

Due to the increased traction of artificial turfs, the joints bear most of this momentum. This results in more frequent and severe injuries.

Never Compromise on the Quality of Installation

Natural turf has several benefits for the environment and players and makes financial sense. As you look to have it installed in your facility, choose an experienced and reliable turf installation company.

In this regard, Green Valley Turf Company is the ideal option. We’re a sod supplier offering high-quality turf for sports accompanied by expert installation. Get in touch with us today to enjoy the benefits of natural turf in sports. 

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The company’s management comprises experts with many years of experience growing different turf. They also do the installation, maintenance, bulk mulching, landscaping, and composting to help clients keep lush green lawns.

Distance is never a barrier when working with Green Valley Turf. Order your sod or turf online, and they will deliver it to your doorstep. Check their Platteville or Littleton, Colorado stores for the best deals or extensive product offerings.

For installation requests, fill out the order form on the turf company’s website. You can also reach them at (720) 571-7477 if you’re in Littleton or (970) 598-0924 if you’re in Platteville.