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It’s the Fastest & Easiest Way to Get a Lush Lawn

Sod is essentially a pre-grown patch of grass that you put down on your bare ground instead of planting seeds. In a few weeks, the grass will have developed a shallow root system, and by about six weeks, your sod will be strong and deep.

By comparison, grass seeds begin to sprout in about two weeks but can take up to a month. And it takes another month after that for the grass to get long enough to mow. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get a lush lawn without a lot of maintenance, sod is your best option.

You Can Install It Nearly Anywhere, Any Time of the Year

To successfully grow your own grass from seed, you need to plant when the weather is mild and is expected to stay that way for a few weeks. If the temperatures are extreme or there’s drought, your grass will grow patchy or thin. And if you plant on hills or difficult terrain, you may not be able to get your grass as thick as you’d like if you’re starting from seed.

Sod, on the other hand, can be installed in most weather conditions and in places where grass seed traditionally doesn’t do as well.

It’s Ready for Foot Traffic Sooner

Grass seedlings can’t be stepped or walked on for several weeks after planting to prevent the destruction of the delicate blades before the root system has had a chance to develop fully. Too much foot traffic before the roots are established can kill off the grass, making it look uneven when it does come in.

But most high-quality sod is ready to walk on in just two weeks once the grass has gotten its first shallow roots. To make sure, you can lift up one of the corners of your sod to check its resistance. If you have to tug, the roots likely adhere well enough to the ground that it’s ready for traffic. But if you can peel back the sod easily, it needs more time.

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You’ll Have Fewer Problems With Irrigation & Soil Erosion

Sod works well as an anchor for the soil on hills and slopes, which helps prevent erosion as the grassroots work their way into the ground.

It’s also easier to irrigate a sodded lawn versus a seeded one. Seedlings can require as many as four waterings a day, especially if it’s very hot outside and there’s little precipitation. Sod only needs about two waterings a day for the first couple of weeks; then, you can space out your watering to once a week or less if it rains.

Weeds? Forget About It

Another great benefit of using sod for your lawn instead of seed or other planting methods is that it does a great job of eliminating weeds and preventing them from interfering with the uniform look of your grass.

You’re much less likely to see dandelions and clovers popping up to ruin your aesthetic when you lay sod, especially once the roots of the grass are firmly planted in the ground. This also means you don’t have to do as much weed eating and spraying for weeds to keep your lawn looking healthy.

Get Grass Fast With Top-Quality Sod

In arid climates like Hudson, Colorado, laying sod is one of the easiest ways to get the lush, dense lawn you want with minimal effort. With sod installation, you don’t have to wait a month to enjoy your grass as you do with seedlings. Instead, your lawn is beautifully green and ready to go in just a couple of weeks when you install high-quality sod.

Be sure to consult with a professional sod supplier in Hudson to choose the type of grass best suited to your home or business needs.

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Hudson, Colorado

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