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Factors to Consider When Selecting an Installation Pro

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. That might literally be true if the “other side” happens to have freshly installed sod. When it comes to green, healthy lawns, professionally cultivated and installed sod is hard to beat. With sod, you can enjoy lush green grass, and you don’t have to wait weeks or more for grass seeds to sprout and grow. 

Sod is highly versatile, and throughout history, it has even been used to construct roofs and shelters. These days, many landscapers use sod to improve lawns. Still, not all grass is grown equal. That’s why we’ll first take a quick look at what sod is, and then consider some factors for selecting professional landscaping companies.

Sod, which is also called “turfgrass,” consists of sections of grass that are held together by root systems and possibly a thin layer of biodegradable material. As a result, the sod can be rolled up and transported. So you can think of turfgrass as rollable and transportable sections of lawn.

Sellecting Installer

When selecting a company, you want to find landscaping professionals who put customer service first and who know how to both grow and install turfgrass properly. Expertly installed sod can become fully functional in as little as 30 days. This means you may be able to enjoy sod today, and a healthy, green lawn next month.

Many people use sod because grass isn’t growing properly in their yard. Severe droughts or poor soil conditions can kill off grass, leaving yards brown and dilapidated. You can try to revitalize your lawn with grass seed and constant watering, but this can take weeks, and results aren’t guaranteed. 

You want to find a farm who has a good track record of installing fully functional lawns. Otherwise, the sod may not stick and may need to be replaced. You also need to find someone who uses excellent quality grass seed to cultivate turfgrass that will grow well given your local weather conditions

Growing turf can be quite tricky. First, you have to select the type of grass to grow. Different species of grass perform better in certain circumstances. For example, if you live in a dry, arid area, Colorado Blue, Bermudagrass, or Buffalograss tend to perform well. Meanwhile, St. Augustine grass often fairs poorly in arid areas and is better suited for warm, moist environments.

Next, the sod supplier needs to ensure that the root system will hold the grass and soil together. Some sod suppliers also opt to use a biodegradable material that will offer additional support. This may make the turfgrass less likely to break down.

A great sod supply and installation company also employs landscapers who know their craft and who can lay down the sod properly to help ensure that the turfgrass becomes fully functional. With proper care and watering, you may enjoy a healthy, green lawn for months to come. So make sure you pay attention to the grass species, the overall quality of the sod, and the landscaper’s skill when selecting a sod supplier.

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New sod Installation on a lawn in Denver, Colorado

Fresh installation of landscaping sod in Denver, Colorado

Green Lawn

Green Lawn

Green Lawn

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Lawns can die over time. It usually doesn’t happen all at once. Instead, bare patches will appear, and the yard will look thin. In either of these cases, you can take action to restore the lawn before it dies completely.

Remove Dead Turf

If you have a bare spot, you need to remove the dead turf in the area. Removal of these spots should be done carefully. With a spade, the top layer can be cut and removed from the lawn. Doing this will also remove thatch, grass, and topsoil. That is why it is crucial to avoid removing more than necessary.

After removing the dead area, add topsoil back to the bare spot until it lays even with the rest of the lawn.


Bare spots need to be reseeded or resodded. Both are viable. It mostly depends on how you care for your lawn and how quickly you want the patch covered. Reseeding is easier to manage because the grass will naturally fill in after adding seeds.

Resodding covers the bare spot immediately, but you still have to apply new sod care until the sod takes root.


For thin grass, overseeding is usually the best option. With this, you add seeds on top of existing grass. The other seeds help to fill out the lawn and make it appear lusher. When overseeding, you primarily care for the grass the same as you always have. The new grass will simply grow to catch up with existing blades.

Regardless of which method you use to improve your yard, you need access to sod, seeds, and expertise. It never hurts to pick the brain of a professional to get specific advice for your lawn.

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Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

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