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How Long Does It Take a Sod Farm to Grow Sod?

When you’re building new construction or reworking the landscaping at an existing property, sod is an attractive option for quickly getting a quality lawn in place. There are many sod suppliers in the Denver area, so it’s easy to think of sod as something you can get just about anywhere. But the reality behind sod is a bit more complicated than that.

Denver sod suppliers must work with sod farmers to acquire the sod that gets sold to landscaping companies and homeowners. Customers don’t tend to think too much about this process unless there are shortages. But when customers do have questions, one question that comes up often is this: how long does it take a sod farm to grow sod?

Not a Quick Process

From start to finish, growing sod can take as long as 24 months, or two solid years. Some varieties have a shorter life cycle and can be harvested 14 months after seeding, while other more exotic varieties may take even longer than two years.

You might be surprised that it takes this long. After all, your existing grass dies each winter and grows back in each spring, right? The key difference here is the word “existing.” Your existing lawn is already well established, and it doesn’t actually die in the winter. It simply goes dormant. The root structures are still there, alive and healthy, ready to grow again in the spring.

If you’ve ever planted grass seed yourself, you understand the timeline. That first spring and summer after seeding, you may well see some grass, but it’s far from mature and thick-looking. Most seeded grass needs at least one season to develop. It starts looking more like you want it to look in that second year.

So it goes with sod farming. Sod is, after all, grass that’s grown from seed. Sod farmers can do the growing at scale and with greater efficiency than homeowners can do in their own backyards, of course. But sod farmers also have to get their product to a much stronger, thicker level before it can be harvested.

This 24-month life cycle is one reason why sod farming is particularly susceptible to drought and severe weather. If weather ruins a crop, replacing it takes time.

The Process of Harvesting and Shipping Sod

When sod is ready for harvest, sod farmers use a machine that slides a blade rapidly underneath the soil and then rolls the sod into the tight rolls you see at your local Denver sod supplier. This process is effective, but it isn’t exactly gentle on the sod. Grass likes to be rooted in the ground, not cut and rolled.

Once the sod is cut and rolled, the rolls are loaded onto pallets and shipped to sod suppliers and retail garden centers. This process is also not exactly friendly to the sod. That said, healthy sod can survive the harvesting and shipping journey as long as it gets sold and installed quickly.

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Are you looking for a way to improve your landscape? If so, you might be thinking about installing turf grass or sod. This turf is a great way to increase your property and field's durability, aesthetic appeal, and value. On the other hand, installing sod can be expensive. Therefore, you might be wondering if you can install this on your own. Here are some things you should know before installing sod on your own.

You Can Install Sod on Your Own

If you want to save money, you can install sod on your own. However, keep in mind that it can take a long time, and you must ensure you install sod correctly. Otherwise, you risk athletes getting injured and uneven pitches or golf courses. Additionally, if you need to correct a problem, it can be costly.

To get started, measure the area carefully. Make sure you know the exact dimensions of how much sod you need. Then, prep the soil for the turfgrass. You may want to check its nutritional content before you install sod. Sod with proper soil ensures that your turfgrass will grow strong and durable. Finally, when the grass arrives, cut it into appropriate sizes for your landscape. Some sod can be challenging to cut out, so check that you have the right tools. You also need to maintain your sod after you install it.

Consider Working with a Professional Team To Lay Sod

It is entirely doable to install sod on your own. However, if you want to get the most out of your sod, you should work with a professional team. Experts have the training and experience necessary to install sod correctly on the first attempt. That way, you don't have to worry about mismeasuring, damaging your sod, or harming your field. Laying out your sod ensures that your players and turf remain in top condition for playing and everyday use. Reach out to a professional team to learn more about how you can get the most out of your turfgrass and for sod installation services on your field.

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Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

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