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The Advantages of Sod over Growing Grass from Seed - What is Sod?

Sod, sometimes known as turf, is pre-grown grass, usually purchased from a professional supplier and cut into carpet-like rolls for transport. Rolls are generally about 5 feet long and 2 feet wide. Rolls will be delivered with several inches of soil that keeps the roots intact and healthy. A single pallet will usually cover 400-500 square feet of yard and various types and grades of grass are available.

The Advantages of Sod over Seed

There are professional and amateur gardeners who swear that lawns grown from seed are superior in both appearance and health to those laid from sod. But sod nevertheless offers considerable advantages that make it a great option. Particularly for those who can’t spare too much time to the care and maintenance of their developing lawns.

Rapid Results

First and foremost, sod provides almost immediate results. While it’s true that it will not be ready for foot traffic right away, professionally laid sod will give the look of a finished lawn from day one. And with minimal attention, in just two to three weeks a new sod lawn should be well-established and rooted. Plus, it will be ready for normal use including play, entertaining, and pets.

A new seed lawn, by contrast, may require several months before it will tolerate even the lightest of traffic. And it may take a full growing season – more likely it will be two – before it will cope with anything more.

It’s also worth noting that sod can be laid directly onto almost any quality of dirt yard. No need for the time-consuming preparation that is required before soil can be successfully seeded.

Broad Time-Window for Installation

Unlike seed, sod can be laid at any time during the growing season. Although exceptionally hot weather should be avoided – and will root rapidly with regular watering.

Seed, by contrast, is best sown during the peak growth period for the type of grass concerned. Certain cool weather grasses, for example, need to be sown in the early fall for best results. And getting the timing wrong may lead to an unhealthy lawn with limited or patchy growth and unsightly results.

Newly laid sod also requires relatively little attention in the early days, apart from regular watering. No fertilizer is needed and the lawn should be ready for a first cut within a few weeks.

Flexibility of Terrain - and Erosion Control

It’s very difficult to grow a lawn from seed on sloping terrain. Because, the seeds will simply wash away in even the lightest of rains. But sod can be used even on steep slopes and with a little staking will remain securely in place until the roots become established.

Even on flat surfaces, seed may be washed away by heavy rain, destroyed by water-logging, or blown away by strong winds. It’s also of course, liable to depredation by the attentions of birds and other wildlife.

A Quality Weed-Free Lawn

Good quality, professionally grown, sod should arrive with few if any weeds. Nor is it vulnerable to competition from weed plants once laid, producing a lush, even, and attractive lawn surface.

Newly seeded lawns, by contrast, are intensely vulnerable to this kind of competition. Particularly as they try to establish themselves in the early days.

Local Sourcing

Finally, sod is generally grown locally, so that the grass will likely be very well-suited to the climatic conditions in the region where it is finally laid, and much less vulnerable to the diseases that may afflict grasses grown from seed.

Where can I buy sod near me in Colorado from the best blue grass turf company?

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New sod Installation on a lawn in Denver, Colorado

Fresh installation of landscaping sod in Denver, Colorado

Green Lawn

Green Lawn

Green Lawn

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Are you thinking about installing fresh grass on your property? A spruced-up yard is a great way to increase your curb appeal. Plus, set a strong foundation for your landscape, and create a durable area that can stand up to significant wear and tear. If you have a lot of traffic frequenting certain parts of your lawn, there are a few options you could consider installing for your property.

Tall Fescue Grass

One of the best grasses to use for high traffic areas is called tall fescue grass. Tall fescue is an ideal choice due to its coarse, sturdy blades. These blades can stand up to people who walk and run on their grass regularly, and even pets. Furthermore, this grass also has deep roots, allowing it to access oxygen and nutrients to grow strong and stand up to foot traffic.

Perennial Ryegrass

You might also want to consider perennial ryegrass. It is so strong that many people use this grass for golf courses in Northern climates, where the conditions are rough. If this grass can make a golf course look beautiful in the middle of winter, it can stand up to tons of foot traffic. You should consult with an expert who can ensure you have the appropriate soil for planting perennial ryegrass. 

Work with Professionals Who Can Help You

If you want your grass to stand up to a tremendous amount of traffic, you should consider specific types of grass. A professional can review the benefits and drawbacks of each option with you, helping you pick the best one for your needs. Furthermore, your grass requires proper installation so that it'll withstand the tests of time. Work with an expert who can plant your lawn suitably with the right types of seed and sod.

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Installer laying down square sod for yard in Denver

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

Denver stadium being watered by employee

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