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What Type of Grass Is Best for Me?

If you’re trying to find grass for your property, there are several factors to consider. The first you should think about is your location. Three large climate areas determine the type of grass that thrives in that area. They include:

  • - The Northern Region: This region is home to cool-season grasses and includes the New England area, the Great Lakes area, and the Pacific Northwest. It stretches into Colorado, Missouri, and the Ohio Valley.

  • - The Transitional Zone: This zone is located in the greater Atlantic area, the traditional Midwest, and Southern California.

  • - The Deep South and Gulf Regions: This is where warmer grasses tend to thrive and includes locations such as southern Texas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Once you have determined the region in which you’re located, you can figure out what type of grass works best for your property.

What Are the Northern Grasses?

The Northern grasses, which are also called cool-season grasses, tend to be more tolerant of the cold than other types of grasses. They grow quickly during the fall and spring; however, they do tend to slow down when the temperature heats up. Several options to consider include Fescue grass and Bluegrass, and these tend to do well in colder temperatures.

The Transitional Grasses

As you move farther south, you open up more options for your yard. Transitional grasses usually require a mix of warm and cool temperatures. They also tend to blend some characteristics of warmer and colder-season grasses. A few options to consider for these locations include Zoysia, Fescue, and Bermuda grass.

The Warmer Grasses

If you live in the Deep South or Gulf areas of the country, you might consider warmer grasses. You need to find grass that can stand up to the hot temperatures of the area, particularly during the summer. Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, and Bahia grass are examples of grasses that grow well under warmer conditions.

Other Factors to Consider

While temperature is the most important factor when looking at grasses, other conditions to consider include:

  • - Maintenance: What type of work do you need to do to take care of the grass? Think about how often you need to mow the lawn, water your grass, and use fertilizer.

  • - Expenses: How expensive will it be to care for the grass? How much money are you willing to spend? If you need to water the grass constantly, this could drive up your utility bills. You might have to spend a lot of money on fertilizer as well.

  • - Durability: What will you be doing with your grass? If you anticipate a lot of foot traffic, such as kids playing in your backyard, find grass that can stand up to the wear and tear.

Ask the Professionals for Help

If you want to find the best grass for your property, reach out to professionals for assistance.

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Laying down sod is a fast and easy way to revitalize your lawn. If you are planning on installing sod, you might be asking yourself, "How soon after I buy sod do I need to lay it?" The following tips will help guide you.

After your sod delivery, the steps for installation are straightforward. Before you start to place the sod, make sure you prepare the soil on your lawn by removing any weeds or grass. Then, unroll the lines of sod butted next to each other and lay them until your yard is covered. 

It's best to install the rolls on the same day or within 12 hours of purchase. This is especially true when temperatures are above 80 degrees, and humidity conditions are high. Under these conditions, you need to provide particular attention to care since the rolled-up sod releases nitrogen. The release of nitrogen heats the rolls and begins to kill them. So, if conditions are hot and humid, don't wait too long. 

With cooler temperatures, like in Spring or Fall, you might have as many as three to five days before damage occurs. However, avoid waiting too long, even under cooler conditions. If you need more time, you can store the rolls in the shade to prevent the heat buildup within the rolls.

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Berthoud, Colorado

Colorado has many gorgeous locations, particularly in the Denver area, and one of the most beautiful is the town of Berthoud, CO. Located in Larimer and Weld counties, Berthoud is in between Fort Collins and Denver. It sits along the Front Range Urban Corridor and is known for its beautiful weather, blue skies, and rolling hills. During the summer, the Berthoud area has plenty of hiking, biking, kayaking, and rafting opportunities. In the winter, it provides easy access to a variety of skiing opportunities.

The real estate in the local Berthoud area is growing quickly. Because many people have realized that the town provides access to clean air, great schools, and friendly neighbors, individuals and families are looking to move into apartments, townhomes, and houses in the local region. As the real estate market continues to increase in value, more opportunities will open up in the area. If you are thinking about moving to Berthoud, how can you take care of your property? Make sure you find the best grass to help you meet your needs.

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