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Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College, usually shortened to ACC, is a local community college with its main campus in Littleton, Colorado. Serving the greater Denver area, it was the first community college to open in the region, first offering classes in 1965. Now, it’s one of the largest community colleges in the area. Offering numerous classes in countless disciplines that help people further their careers or get accepted to a four-year school in the local area.

The idea for a local community college was spurred on by a grassroots movement that started in the middle of the twentieth century. Eventually, the college opened its doors, with 550 students in the first class. As the community college continues to grow, the local leadership team established partnerships with several significant colleges in the region. Some of those include the University of Colorado at Denver. Eventually, Arapahoe Community College joined the greater Colorado Community College system, which includes more than a dozen schools.

About College Today

Today, Arapahoe Community College has more than 21,000 students spread across three separate campuses. The campuses are located in Castle Rock, Parker, and Littleton. The college offers more than 90 certificate and degree programs, creating opportunities for students at all levels. Even though a lot of classes are offered in person, there are also online opportunities available. This makes it easier for people to go to school if they have other obligations, such as children or work.

One of the major developments at Arapahoe Community College has been the growth of its Health Information Technology Program. With a significant need for healthcare professionals in the local area, Arapahoe Community College decided to put a significant amount of its resources into this new program. Now, there are people who regularly take classes in this specific discipline from all over the country.

The Community College recently renovated several of its buildings, creating new opportunities for students entering the program. Much of the equipment also received a significant upgrade, giving students the resources they need to get the most out of their education. There are new classes that will be added to the course catalog soon, offering new opportunities to students nationwide.

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