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What do I look for to determine quality and freshness?

If you want your plants to grow well, you have to pick your sod carefully. Unless you work in this industry, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for in sod. What’re a few factors you should consider to make sure you get the best sod for your yard? Here’s how to determine Sod quality and freshness?

Is the Sod Easy To Work?

First, you should see how easy sod is to work. This means you need to check how tightly it is packed. You do not want the sod to be too loose. Otherwise, the root system will have a difficult time taking hold. On the other hand, you don’t want sod that is too compact, or the root system will have a hard time penetrating the ground and water will have a hard time filtering through.

What Is the Temperature in Your Area?

Next, you also have to think about your seasonal temperatures. How many cold months do you have? How many warm months do you have? You should select sod that’ll work well in your specific hardiness zone. Ryegrass and bentgrass are common in cooler areas, while bermudagrass is more common in warmer areas. Reach out to an expert if you aren’t sure what type of sod works well in your region.

Find the Best Sod for Your Yard

You should pick your sod carefully if you want your yard to grow well. You’ve got plenty of choices in front of you, so do not hesitate to reach out to experts who can help you. If you pick the best sod for your yard, you ensure that your plants will have plenty of nutrients to grow big and strong. Reach out to a professional for help choosing the best sod for your yard.

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