Commercial Landscape

Slabs of RTF® Water Saver Sod are installed at the Centennial, CO IKEA store.For over 50 years, we have been working with the commercial landscape industry. When your project is close to completion, we understand sod needs to be installed quickly, economically, and professionally. Sod can make or break a project. Our premium quality sods and professional big roll installation will transform your project into a complete landscape. We install our sods with in-house crews and work with you on the scheduling to ensure the installation process is seamless and timely. Our crews carry extra equipment to ensure mechanical failures do not slow us down. We also have a fleet of trucks to get sod to jobs in a timely fashion and are fully insured and bonded.

We understand how important grade is to the final product and use flotation forklifts and sod installation machines that do not rut properly prepared soil. We can install big roll sod on steep terrain, indentation ponds and around all types of obstacles. During the installation process, we fertilize, patch, clean, and roll as we go allowing water to be quickly applied to new sod to avoid stress.

Our premium quality sod blends are the latest varieties and cultivators that excel in our dry climate. We grow all of our fields from “Blue Tag” certified sod quality seed. From Bluegrass to Buffalograss, we offer a wide variety of sod blends that are researched and selected for our dry Colorado climate. Call, click or email for a bid on your next project.


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